14 May 2008


Haven't updated my blog the past few days. Haven't even shop for online opportunities neither. But am trying now,lol!:) The past few days were like tiring. My work sked has been revised (again!). Got no choice but to report for work when I need to. Last Monday, I was tasked to report on a pm shift to a different workstation which I was really unfamiliar of. I was like having my jittery moments cos I exactly don't know the protocols there. Thank God, I got wonderful people to keep me company. That was only for 8 hours though and I was even more glad cos I noticed that the time really did ran fast,lol. Kinda tired after that shift and I rushed home immediately so I could get an ample time to rest for work will start at 7am the next day. Only got a few more hours left to sleep. On Tuesday morning (May 13), I reported for work and it's as if I haven't rested at all. My having some unrest periods for two days explained how I felt last night. With the exhaustion I was feeling, I got a myself a body massage courtesy of our very own "kasamahan" here and off I went to dreamland. :)

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