03 May 2008

Updates and my PR!:)

Just gotten tired lately that I haven't had updates in this site. Well, got tiring days and I guess am still needing rest (again!). Lately, I easily feel tired. My eyes are still strained and still looking forward to that much needed eye check up which I have yet to plan. The past few days were exciting cos my family was here with me in celebrating my birthday and I guess I gained weight (ugh!). Who can resist from eating when there's a whole lot of food served? LOL!:) By the way, just checked my PR lately and at least I got ranked,lol!:) So happy for that. Really got no idea how to get high PRs. Anyone who can tell me how? :) I guess everybody in this blogosphere aims of having a high PR. Anyways, just wanna thank Google for giving me my PR. :)

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Babette said...

Hi sis, congrats at na-ambunan ka rin pala ng PR. :) So you'd better strike while the iron is hot, ika nga. Grab as much ops as you can handle. I don't bother with Smorty. I prefer PPP.
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