07 May 2008

A Tribute To A Friend Who's Getting Married

A dearest friend named Marichu will finally tie the knot this Saturday, May 10, 2008. Lucky would be her groom and soon-to-be husband, Yong2x, cos this friend of mine has the qualities a man is looking for in a wife. In the many years of friendship that we shared, I could say that she's one great person to treasure. She takes good care of her relationship with friends and the most, her family which is her topmost priority. She made sacrifices and look at what she is now, she has become a successful career woman and soon enough she'd be a great wife and a great mother to her children. To you Chu, I wish everything's best for you and Yong2x. You are gearing towards a new chapter in life and sure enough I'd know that you'll be that someone who will nourish your married life to its fullest bloom. Congratulations in advance and I'd always be here for you. Loveyah friend!:)