21 May 2008

Things To Do For This Year 2008

I'm being tagged again! This time it's Mimay who sent me this tag. Thanks so much for this. ..

1. Get myself a vacation!
2. Perhaps renew my contract with the present institution I am in.
3. Do dieting or perhaps trim down my rice intake :)
4. Do more blogging so I could earn too!
5. Get myself to exercise (if di tamarin)
6. Wishing and praying that we can push through with our journey to work in NC.
7. Explore more of the Philippines!
8. Dating and Bf Hunting? (kinopya ko lng kay Mimay,hehe)
9. Save. save and save!
10. Visit our hometown.

Now am tagging all my friends who are part of my Bloggers Hall Of Fame :)

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pib said...

marie..humana tika add..hehee :)