04 May 2008

She Has Finally Found Her Better Half!:)

I got a text message from my friend who's in Dagupan City right now and she can't help but shared her joys and happiness about being in love. She's just so overwhelmingly happy to the extent that she cannot help but cry those tears of joy. History background, she never had a boyfriend and she got stories of unreturned love. But this time around, she found someone - someone who treats her so special and is already wanting to be with her and tie the knot. I could say that the guy is really into her cos I was made aware that the guy has never been this happy too! As of this writing, they're not yet officially ON but I knew it's getting there. I am so, so happy for you girl!:) It's time you grab the chance and experience the joys of being in love! :) Don't make his trainings too hard, ok? I will always be supportive of you. Loveyah!:)

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