19 May 2008

A Night of Fun and Laughter

I have promised from my previous post that I'm gonna be posting our recent pictures taken from a Thursday gathering of a friend who just left for Ireland yesterday and another friend who will soon be hitting another country she doesn't want me to mention (lol!). However, due to time constraints, our friend who happened to responsibly capture those moments, hasn't been able to upload them yet (and we're still patiently waiting). Instead, I found these pics from a photo gallery of another friend and I just thought of posting them here.

Oh! Drinking session huh? And here's another one:

Obvious, right?But hey, we're not drunkards, lol! It was actually a social gathering participated by all girlfriends of the party-throwers. Some of them were just red wines (and am loving its taste!). Now, take a peek of how we looked like during those times:

See? We still looked fresh, hehe. I really enjoyed the moment spent with friends. Indeed, it was an evening of fun and laughter with friends I rarely see but often missed!

Food+Red Wines+Videoke+Wonderful People= A Night Worthy To Be Treasured. :)

Thanks Lai for uploading these pics... :)

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