23 May 2008

My Unforgettable Dates with Friends

I have promised from my previous post that I'm gonna be posting some pictures from our All-Girls'/Farewell Party that took place last May 15, 2008 @ Natalie's residence somewhere in El Rio Vista, Bajada. Luckily, a dear friend Ella has managed to post some of them @ her Friendster profile and am more than happy enough to grab them all.

Here are the pictures that captured those moments shared with them:

Looking back 5 years ago, we're all total strangers who gave up our very own careers in search of what we thought as a more promising career (promising really!) in the field of health care industry. We found each other in that 4-walled classroom sharing all the joys, the pains and the hardships of going back to school again. I can't forget our hilarious return demonstrations, our dreaded Anatomy subject and of course our usual stopovers just unwinding @ Cafe Juna @ Juna Subdivision or just resting @ NiƱa's place waiting for our next subject. Those were just a few pigments of the countless memories we shared. Some may have transferred to another school, yet the tie that binds us has never been detached. We still find time to hook with each other. Just recently, we got the chance to bond again and this time to bid farewell to friends who we may not be able to see for a longer time. To Nat2x and Nins, you will surely be missed!

Just got home now. I had lunch today with An, an Ateneo college friend, together with a common friend, Doc Gen. It was actually planned courtesy of An. Since I came from a graveyard shift this morning, I only slept for almost two hours. At around 12 noon, An fetched us at the hospital where Doc Gen and I both work. We had lunch @ Banok's-Torres. Too bad, we haven't taken any pics. Now am looking forward for another date tomorrow with some Ateneo college friends in a certain coffee shop, depending if my body would allow me to. I am still sleepless as of now and I'll be hitting my bed in a while. Graveyard shift still awaits me tonight. Wish me luck, hehe. :)

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