10 May 2008

Just Blogging...

I feel better now, I mean today. Yesterday wasn't really a good day for my Dad making it a not-so-good day for me too! To ease the hurt I was feeling yesterday, I went out at around 3pm. I accomplished some pending errands like having Mom's Smart Money reloaded. I never complained of the long lines at the payment counter. I went to OLFA for another errand. After having those errands accompished, I easily made up a decision to pamper myself. I went inside this beauty parlor along Ilustre Street, and there I availed their foot spa service, got my toenails done, and had my eyebrows threaded. I spent almost 2 hours inside with at least feeling a little bit more relaxed especially with that foot spa session. It felt good pampering my very own feet! I went out of the parlor past 6pm and headed to a nearby mall to buy a wedding gift for Yong and Chu2x. I never had a hard time choosing which gift to buy. What took me so long was the gift wrapping service I availed. Instead of waiting and just standing right there, I resorted to go window shopping. My eyes have feasted on those discounted sandals and bags. I almost bought one pair of sandals but instantly realized that I may not be able to use them frequently. It was almost 8pm when I got home. I got rested for a while and around 10pm, I left home for work. Well, at least my day wasn't really that bad after all!

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