07 May 2008

I So, So Hate Smoking!

I was introduced to cigarette smokes back when I was a kid. I got to inhale them and I never had an idea of what's into smoking and what might be its effect to smokers and passive smokers later in life. I was just used seeing dad, some other relatives who loved to puff that cigarette. As I grew older, I have witnessed friends and even my brother puffed their own cigars. I was kinda patient then cos well, it's their lifestyle and I guess it's what they can't live without. But now? I am afraid am losing my patience to it. It must be my olfactory nerves that readily send messages to my brain when I get to smell those nicotine-enveloped cigars. I so,so hate smelling it! Sorry really folks when I got to reprimand you for smoking. It's for everybody's sake I am concern of.

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The Temptress said...

i totally agree with you!