09 May 2008

I Hate Crying!

Urgh! I hate this feeling! I hate crying cos I easily cry! I hate being such a crybaby! Omg! Just can't help keeping my tears from falling when am feeling soo bad. I recently exchanged not-so-good conversations with my dad whom from the start was mad like hell. I was trying to make things feel lighter but it was a bad timing. What worsens the situation was the fault I did unintentionally. He uttered hurting words I least expect him saying. Well, what can I do?!? God knows how I tried my best to become the daughter he can AT LEAST be proud of!


Anne said...

I'm sorry to heard that Marie. Hay! thats reminds of my father too. I don't get it sometimes, di nila alam kung gaano kahirap mabuhay na walang pamilya dito. Have anice weekend. God always there for you dear.

kerslyn said...

hello marie! how are you now? hope u'r feeling ok now.