21 May 2008

I Go For Silk Plants!

I like the idea of silk plants arranged and become visible in special occasions such as weddings, debuts, birthday bashes and major parties. I even like the idea of having silk plants decorated in my own home. What makes them tick with me? For one, they look so real. The faux trees and the silk flowers look genuine that I need not go somewhere to find them. Interior decorators and even party planners will never have a hard time planning on how an area could be beautified because these silk plants can actually mimic the real ones. These stuffs can even last for a longer period of time without being damaged so quickly. As a nature lover myself, at least I also made my part and take pride in preserving the beauty of nature as manifested by my patronizing silk plants. Secondly, I also take charge of my health. I want my home environment to be free from pollens which are the most common problem faced by many who are suffering from asthma. With artificial trees and plants around, one would finally live in a pollen-free environment. Insects will also never get to dwell anywhere. Now I can’t wait to have my own home decorated with artificial trees and plants and yet still enlivening the beauty that nature has to offer.

Sponsored by Silk Fair

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