20 May 2008

Happy Fiesta Lucod!:)

Lucod is a place in Baganga, Davao Oriental where I spent my childhood and up until I was 16 years old. It is such a great place to live in, not to mention the fresh air that we breathe in there. The way of life is just simple. It's hassle-free living there. It makes one escapes from the hustles and bustles of a busy city life. Now am saying this cos I missed our barrio fiesta which is being celebrated on this very day. I missed celebrating Lucod's Barrio Fiesta! I deeply envy my siblings who are there celebrating with Dad, Mom and my niece. Happy Fiesta Lucod!:)


lira said...

Dai Marie, naa ko award nmo diri http://lirastafford.com/2008/05/5-stars-blog-award.html

Princess Vien said...

Happy Fiesta!

u're tagged..