31 May 2008

Got Myself Tested for HIV

I am a self-confessed hypochondriac. People closest to me could attest that I am like one. Now came an incident which happened in 2006 that I got pricked with a gauge 19 used needle while I was having my rotation duty in a government hospital. It was by accident that I got pricked. I blamed the nurse from the previous shift for not responsibly doing his aftercare. You could just imagine how blood trickled from my right ring finger. I never had an idea to whom did the needle was used. With that incident, I was never at peace for quite sometime. I knew I am safe with Hepatitis B cos I got 3 doses of Hep B vaccines and my antibody is working well in my system, but with other blood-borne infections, I'm afraid I am not safe. Thank God there was a free HIV Test conducted December of last year which I willingly submitted myself. The result? I haven't gotten it yet because of my hectic work skeds but I got high hopes that its going to be negative.

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