18 May 2008

Getting Into Music: Hereditary Or Not?

I am not a good singer but I'm really into music. It must be in the genes why I'm into it 101%. I was brought into awareness that my mom's been hooked up into singing all her life. Apart from being a former college music teacher, she's not really a professional musician but she got her share of countless musical sessions at home or in school, where most of her life had been shared. My constant exposure to her singing and loving music has been a great influence in my life. As young as a preschooler, I can't forget how my mom liked the way I first sang Karen Carpenter's "Yesterday Once More". Aside from me, my sister's into music too! She even landed 3rd on a musical competition when she was in Kindergarten with "The Greatest Love Of All" as her singing piece. My brother also has his own set of musical tapes back when those were still famous and mind you, he sings well too. Even my dad also has become fond of singing especially in videokes. Except for my dad, we can all play the guitar (and am the most trying hard guitar player in the family). My mom also plays the piano which is where I'm frustrated at. With the family's constant love for music, I am proud to say that sharing the same kind of interest gives us the pleasure we deserve and is our way of fostering the bond between us. Oh well, it must be in the genes really (lol!) cos my 8-year old niece can actually sing with us in our videoke sessions and can well sing Little Mermaid's "Part Of That World" piece leaving her Mommy and Daddy speechless. :)

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