22 May 2008

Feeling Physically Weak and TIred!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I only got one day off after a successive 5-day straight duties since May 15. Apart from that, I was transferred to a different work station for two days which I am unfamiliar of. Even if I was the one running the unit, I was grateful enough to have trainees and accommodating co-workers who helped made my tasks easier. Now, am worried about the pains I am feeling. Apart from having these strained eyes, I am now experiencing generalized body pains in my lower extremities. The most painful part is localized in my right hip area near my waist. I also got gastric disturbances with intermittent abdominal pains. I knew I was really very tired since last week cos I always feel like sleeping most of the time. I guess am needing more time and more hours to rest. Hmmm, still be working tonight. I hope I could at least take a nap after doing my tasks. *hahayzzz*

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Lara said...

Hi Marie, na link ta naka sa 4 blogs nako. Pls do the same..thanks and see you around