29 May 2008

Dockers, Dockers, and Dockers!


Fashion is not really my cup of tea but as a girl, I tend to just love them in any way whenever it hits me. I tell you, I tend to become so fond of it when I see something interesting in the fashion world. Among the famous brands which I often heard of is the famous Dockers brand. Dockers has an array of quality clothing products with classic fashion trends or styles especially jeans and walking shorts which I really both liked. I once spotted a celebrity wearing those Dockers walking shorts. I liked the way it fits him! It also looks so elegant on him. That’s among the reasons why my relatives opted to send me Dockers apparel especially jeans and shorts. The fit, the classic style, and the colors- they’re all amazing! I would love to join a Dockers contest and do a TV commercial about my favorite Dockers classic style of jeans but because I’m a no-good graphics artist and a video artist, I’m afraid I can’t make a pleasant one. It is for this reason that I am inviting you guys out there to show off your Dockers favorite classic trends and join Dockers contest TV commercial. Hurry now and be seen on TV!

Sponsored by Dockers

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