10 May 2008

Delicious Tanduay Flavors! :)

I never liked Tanduay Rhum. It's like a single shot can cause me to doze off in an instant. I even hated smelling someone who's into Tanduay. Whenever I wanna get something to drink, I better choose something light. Oh well, things do change though. Just tonight I found something great about Tanduay Rhum and it does change the way I thought it was. My friend's groom has been working with a Tanduay distributor and true enough to support its staff, Tanduay Rhums were made available. I thought it was just a mere Tanduay Rhum (which I found so eww!). What caught my attention were different drink preparations stationed at the back of the reception area, all of which were mixed with Tanduay. Curiosity did hit me that I found myself heading to the Tanduay booth. There, I tried "Pomelo Rhum" which is famous among social drinkers plus another shot of the awesome "Boracay Cafe"(not sure of its spelling). Those were just two shots, all in all, which left me a bit tipsy. Well, its a good feeling to have those shots once in a while. Indeed, very delicious flavors I must say!:)

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Babette said...

My husband likes Tanduay, we brought 3 bottles home after our visit in 2003.

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