30 May 2008

Cliffside Malibu: A Great Rehab Center

I was surfing online one day when I got the chance to take a glimpse of Cliffside Malibu, a residential rehabilitation center for adults suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression and other co-occurring disorders. I got amazed as to how this residential area managed to bring in the comforts of home which can pave way to a resident’s full recovery. Along with the comfortable way of living at Cliffside Malibu comes the different rehab program designed for each resident. Alcohol Rehab program for alcohol dependents offers the excellent individualized drug and alcohol treatment. This includes around the clock services, group, family, and individualized psychological and emotional therapies. Comfortable alcohol treatments are also incorporated in the program such as getting a soothing massage or curling up in front of a fireplace while watching a movie on plasma TV. Drug Rehabilitation is also one of their great focuses where a resident is taken care of by a primary therapist who gets to manage them in the entire course of their treatment. Each has been designed an individualized clinical program and various activities supporting recovery. Drug Treatment program on the other hand is one of Cliff Malibu’s pride. In here, treatment programs are being implemented to meet drug recovery goals of people under the influence of drugs. Cliff Malibu has really more great things to offer to its residents aside from its effective rehabilitation programs. Its noise-free location features privacy, beautiful architecture and modern amenities, making it a perfect haven for primary treatment.

Note: Photos courtesy of Cliffside Malibu's site. My acknowledgment goes to its owner and site developer.

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