19 May 2008

Be An Advertiser Of SocialSpark

When I started writing diaries until the popularity of blogging in the blogosphere, there’s always this tendency that I mention names, brands, proper names or any specific names of different stuffs. For me, having them mentioned in my blog denotes a great picture of what I am trying to imply in my posts. I just can’t help mentioning them. It is a good idea that SocialSpark.com has created another concept that allows our very own favorite brands or companies to get into sponsoring our blogs. Hmm, I like the idea of Sketchers sponsoring my blog! I just love Sketchers becoming a part of my daily life and who doesn’t like to brag about it? With my passion for eating, I also love to have food chains such as McDonalds invade my blog. Leisure travels also interest me much and I would be at my happiest mode when travel packages going to Europe and the United States should intend to sponsor my blog. I’d be more than happy enough knowing that I earn from blog sponsorship and at the same time blogging about the things I want to share and write causing both parties to get a win-win situation. So, to all advertisers out there, be counted and be among SocialSpark’s famous advertisers.

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