26 May 2008

Another Pedia Patient Friend

I again met a kid friend at work. She's a diagnosed case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. What fascinates me meeting her is her approachable smile and how she maturely speaks at her age. I learned that she's an honor student at school to where she last attended schooling but because of her attending chemo sessions, she just can't attend a regular school sked. I remember one time I allowed her to roam around with me when I was giving medications. With mask on her face, I just told her to peacefully pay attention to what I was doing. When asked by some people why she's bald and what's her condition, she directly answered she got cancer in her blood. I was amazed as to how she got an idea of her sickness. She's a happy kid at that. She love making other pedia cancer patients like her happy. I just hope and pray that long life awaits her cos the world deserves to have her.

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