31 May 2008

Instant Craving Got Me Irritated!

I have been craving for "santol", especially the ones classified as Bangkok (they're not really Thailand-grown ones). With such an instant craving this afternoon, I opted to buy 3 "santols" just to satisfy my stomach. Since it was a long time ago since I last ate them, I asked somebody to peel all of those 3 rounded fruits. I mixed salt with powdered "hinalang" and I dipped those santol skins and the tasteful santol seeds. I didn't notice that I almost consumed all 3. After an hour, I experienced abdominal cramps. Now I found myself going to and from the comfort room to give way to my irritating diarrhea despite that one anti-diarrheal pill I took. Hahayzzz!

Got Myself Tested for HIV

I am a self-confessed hypochondriac. People closest to me could attest that I am like one. Now came an incident which happened in 2006 that I got pricked with a gauge 19 used needle while I was having my rotation duty in a government hospital. It was by accident that I got pricked. I blamed the nurse from the previous shift for not responsibly doing his aftercare. You could just imagine how blood trickled from my right ring finger. I never had an idea to whom did the needle was used. With that incident, I was never at peace for quite sometime. I knew I am safe with Hepatitis B cos I got 3 doses of Hep B vaccines and my antibody is working well in my system, but with other blood-borne infections, I'm afraid I am not safe. Thank God there was a free HIV Test conducted December of last year which I willingly submitted myself. The result? I haven't gotten it yet because of my hectic work skeds but I got high hopes that its going to be negative.

30 May 2008

What's up Triple P? :)

I just logged in to Triple P. I was too excited to grab that white colored opportunity. Just as I answered the question after making the reservation, I was surprised to see that it immediately turned to gray. It happened twice as of today. I am just wondering if its my internet connection or just Triple Ps server. Be kind to us Triple P!:)

Cliffside Malibu: A Great Rehab Center

I was surfing online one day when I got the chance to take a glimpse of Cliffside Malibu, a residential rehabilitation center for adults suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression and other co-occurring disorders. I got amazed as to how this residential area managed to bring in the comforts of home which can pave way to a resident’s full recovery. Along with the comfortable way of living at Cliffside Malibu comes the different rehab program designed for each resident. Alcohol Rehab program for alcohol dependents offers the excellent individualized drug and alcohol treatment. This includes around the clock services, group, family, and individualized psychological and emotional therapies. Comfortable alcohol treatments are also incorporated in the program such as getting a soothing massage or curling up in front of a fireplace while watching a movie on plasma TV. Drug Rehabilitation is also one of their great focuses where a resident is taken care of by a primary therapist who gets to manage them in the entire course of their treatment. Each has been designed an individualized clinical program and various activities supporting recovery. Drug Treatment program on the other hand is one of Cliff Malibu’s pride. In here, treatment programs are being implemented to meet drug recovery goals of people under the influence of drugs. Cliff Malibu has really more great things to offer to its residents aside from its effective rehabilitation programs. Its noise-free location features privacy, beautiful architecture and modern amenities, making it a perfect haven for primary treatment.

Note: Photos courtesy of Cliffside Malibu's site. My acknowledgment goes to its owner and site developer.

Friends Into Blogging?

In my Friendster account, I included this site's web address to my shout-out message. Anyone interested visiting this site can simply click on the given URL @ Friendster. Unknowingly, some friends did visit this site and they noticed that I've been blogging of about anything. When we finally got the chance to talk, I just shared how blogging became an exciting part of my life's daily routines. Perhaps by now they've been thinking how they'd go about blogging. Good Luck my precious friends!:)

29 May 2008

Dockers, Dockers, and Dockers!


Fashion is not really my cup of tea but as a girl, I tend to just love them in any way whenever it hits me. I tell you, I tend to become so fond of it when I see something interesting in the fashion world. Among the famous brands which I often heard of is the famous Dockers brand. Dockers has an array of quality clothing products with classic fashion trends or styles especially jeans and walking shorts which I really both liked. I once spotted a celebrity wearing those Dockers walking shorts. I liked the way it fits him! It also looks so elegant on him. That’s among the reasons why my relatives opted to send me Dockers apparel especially jeans and shorts. The fit, the classic style, and the colors- they’re all amazing! I would love to join a Dockers contest and do a TV commercial about my favorite Dockers classic style of jeans but because I’m a no-good graphics artist and a video artist, I’m afraid I can’t make a pleasant one. It is for this reason that I am inviting you guys out there to show off your Dockers favorite classic trends and join Dockers contest TV commercial. Hurry now and be seen on TV!

Sponsored by Dockers

26 May 2008

It's Monday again!

It's Monday again and it's the start of another tiring week,hehe. Well, it's always tiring at work cos I got to play multiple roles with tons of multiple things to think about at the same time. I can't believe I have been playing these multiple roles since the first day I was hired,hahaha! If I'd be asked bout my tasks and responsibilities, guess having one job title is not enough. Let's call it a day now. Be hitting the road in a while for work. Ciao!

Another Pedia Patient Friend

I again met a kid friend at work. She's a diagnosed case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. What fascinates me meeting her is her approachable smile and how she maturely speaks at her age. I learned that she's an honor student at school to where she last attended schooling but because of her attending chemo sessions, she just can't attend a regular school sked. I remember one time I allowed her to roam around with me when I was giving medications. With mask on her face, I just told her to peacefully pay attention to what I was doing. When asked by some people why she's bald and what's her condition, she directly answered she got cancer in her blood. I was amazed as to how she got an idea of her sickness. She's a happy kid at that. She love making other pedia cancer patients like her happy. I just hope and pray that long life awaits her cos the world deserves to have her.

24 May 2008

Convenient and Discounted Shopping on Black Fridays

I remember a very dear friend who’s now living in the States telling me one time about the Thanksgiving Day celebration in the country. I was quite intrigued as to how this very day became so important in America. There I came to know that feasts are being held with families and friends around. Another thing that makes one more excited about in America after Thanksgiving Day is the so-called Black Friday. What happens on this day is that major retailing companies are kicking off big discounts on their products in time for Christmas season. I have learned that to be able to avail of these discounted products, people are rushing to their favorite retailing stores as early as 5am. According to my friend, it was quite a hassle for her having to wake up early and joined the bandwagon of people lining up in stores. At least for now, this has changed. With Black-Friday.net, Black Friday sale is now reachable at the comforts of home. She told me how quick and hassle free it was purchasing Christmas gifts from Toys “R’ Us. All she did was signing up for an email alert and was informed as to when Black Friday ads will be posted on the site. Now am becoming excited of doing the same thing once I hopefully set my foot in America. Convenient and discounted shopping is what matters most!

23 May 2008

My Unforgettable Dates with Friends

I have promised from my previous post that I'm gonna be posting some pictures from our All-Girls'/Farewell Party that took place last May 15, 2008 @ Natalie's residence somewhere in El Rio Vista, Bajada. Luckily, a dear friend Ella has managed to post some of them @ her Friendster profile and am more than happy enough to grab them all.

Here are the pictures that captured those moments shared with them:

Looking back 5 years ago, we're all total strangers who gave up our very own careers in search of what we thought as a more promising career (promising really!) in the field of health care industry. We found each other in that 4-walled classroom sharing all the joys, the pains and the hardships of going back to school again. I can't forget our hilarious return demonstrations, our dreaded Anatomy subject and of course our usual stopovers just unwinding @ Cafe Juna @ Juna Subdivision or just resting @ NiƱa's place waiting for our next subject. Those were just a few pigments of the countless memories we shared. Some may have transferred to another school, yet the tie that binds us has never been detached. We still find time to hook with each other. Just recently, we got the chance to bond again and this time to bid farewell to friends who we may not be able to see for a longer time. To Nat2x and Nins, you will surely be missed!

Just got home now. I had lunch today with An, an Ateneo college friend, together with a common friend, Doc Gen. It was actually planned courtesy of An. Since I came from a graveyard shift this morning, I only slept for almost two hours. At around 12 noon, An fetched us at the hospital where Doc Gen and I both work. We had lunch @ Banok's-Torres. Too bad, we haven't taken any pics. Now am looking forward for another date tomorrow with some Ateneo college friends in a certain coffee shop, depending if my body would allow me to. I am still sleepless as of now and I'll be hitting my bed in a while. Graveyard shift still awaits me tonight. Wish me luck, hehe. :)

22 May 2008

Feeling Physically Weak and TIred!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I only got one day off after a successive 5-day straight duties since May 15. Apart from that, I was transferred to a different work station for two days which I am unfamiliar of. Even if I was the one running the unit, I was grateful enough to have trainees and accommodating co-workers who helped made my tasks easier. Now, am worried about the pains I am feeling. Apart from having these strained eyes, I am now experiencing generalized body pains in my lower extremities. The most painful part is localized in my right hip area near my waist. I also got gastric disturbances with intermittent abdominal pains. I knew I was really very tired since last week cos I always feel like sleeping most of the time. I guess am needing more time and more hours to rest. Hmmm, still be working tonight. I hope I could at least take a nap after doing my tasks. *hahayzzz*

21 May 2008

Things To Do For This Year 2008

I'm being tagged again! This time it's Mimay who sent me this tag. Thanks so much for this. ..

1. Get myself a vacation!
2. Perhaps renew my contract with the present institution I am in.
3. Do dieting or perhaps trim down my rice intake :)
4. Do more blogging so I could earn too!
5. Get myself to exercise (if di tamarin)
6. Wishing and praying that we can push through with our journey to work in NC.
7. Explore more of the Philippines!
8. Dating and Bf Hunting? (kinopya ko lng kay Mimay,hehe)
9. Save. save and save!
10. Visit our hometown.

Now am tagging all my friends who are part of my Bloggers Hall Of Fame :)

Five Things I Do Most

This is another tag from Vien. She's a new friend from this blogosphere. I really am glad to have found a friend in her.

The tag is asking me to list down the five things I do the most. So here they are:

1. Pray, pray, and pray! I pray always especially before and after work.
2. Work, work, and work! I work on different shifts.
3. Sing, sing, sing! I sing everyday and everywhere. :)
4. Go online and check out my emails, my Friendster and my site.
5. Take time to rest and sleep after all the exhaustion at work (this happens always!)

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Now I am tagging everyone from my Bloggers Hall Of Fame. :)

5 Stars Blog Award

I got this tag from Lira. Thanks really for this tag. It's been a while since my last tag and indeed I am grateful for this. Thanks for the gift of friendship.

It's bloggers turned friends which bring meaning to my blogging life. I owe you guys a lot. Now I am awarding this to Sheng, Anne, Babette and Vien.

I Go For Silk Plants!

I like the idea of silk plants arranged and become visible in special occasions such as weddings, debuts, birthday bashes and major parties. I even like the idea of having silk plants decorated in my own home. What makes them tick with me? For one, they look so real. The faux trees and the silk flowers look genuine that I need not go somewhere to find them. Interior decorators and even party planners will never have a hard time planning on how an area could be beautified because these silk plants can actually mimic the real ones. These stuffs can even last for a longer period of time without being damaged so quickly. As a nature lover myself, at least I also made my part and take pride in preserving the beauty of nature as manifested by my patronizing silk plants. Secondly, I also take charge of my health. I want my home environment to be free from pollens which are the most common problem faced by many who are suffering from asthma. With artificial trees and plants around, one would finally live in a pollen-free environment. Insects will also never get to dwell anywhere. Now I can’t wait to have my own home decorated with artificial trees and plants and yet still enlivening the beauty that nature has to offer.

Sponsored by Silk Fair

20 May 2008

Happy Fiesta Lucod!:)

Lucod is a place in Baganga, Davao Oriental where I spent my childhood and up until I was 16 years old. It is such a great place to live in, not to mention the fresh air that we breathe in there. The way of life is just simple. It's hassle-free living there. It makes one escapes from the hustles and bustles of a busy city life. Now am saying this cos I missed our barrio fiesta which is being celebrated on this very day. I missed celebrating Lucod's Barrio Fiesta! I deeply envy my siblings who are there celebrating with Dad, Mom and my niece. Happy Fiesta Lucod!:)

Visiting Ireland

Ireland is one of the famous European countries I want to go to. I am just amazed of how progress and development slapped Europe’s 3rd largest island. I love the friendly scenic spots, the nice buildings, the infamous church buildings, museums, the key cities which are part of Ireland’s greatest attractions and of course I want to embrace the comfort provided by Ireland Hotels.

Grand Canal, Dublin

One of Irish National Botanic Garden's view in Dublin

I would love to visit Dublin, the country's capital. I would not mind staying in Dublin Hotels just to take a glimpse of the Grand Canal or take a tour at the Irish National Botanic Gardens.

Paying a visit to Cork, Ireland’s 2nd largest city would also be a great destination too! Staying at Cork Hotels for 2 or 3 days is perhaps enough to take a tour of the city. I would love to take a peek of Cork’s notable architectural buildings along St. Patrick’s Street and to the rest of Cork. The Cork City Hall has been famous for its illuminative view at night which I don’t really want to miss should I get the chance to visit Cork. I also want to include visiting Shannon, a new and progressive town in County Clare, Ireland. I would not mind staying at Shannon Hotels just as long as I can feast my eyes seeing the town’s major attractions. Hmm, I guess it can be a tiring Ireland escapade but surely it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

Woke Up Early!

I woke up early today,yehey! It must have been the good massage I got last night that gave me a sound sleep. I guess I just felt so tired with only a single day off, hehe. I'll be reporting for work again today and it's gonna be a bit earlier because we will hold our monthly meeting at 8AM. Have a nice day to you all!:)

19 May 2008

Be An Advertiser Of SocialSpark

When I started writing diaries until the popularity of blogging in the blogosphere, there’s always this tendency that I mention names, brands, proper names or any specific names of different stuffs. For me, having them mentioned in my blog denotes a great picture of what I am trying to imply in my posts. I just can’t help mentioning them. It is a good idea that SocialSpark.com has created another concept that allows our very own favorite brands or companies to get into sponsoring our blogs. Hmm, I like the idea of Sketchers sponsoring my blog! I just love Sketchers becoming a part of my daily life and who doesn’t like to brag about it? With my passion for eating, I also love to have food chains such as McDonalds invade my blog. Leisure travels also interest me much and I would be at my happiest mode when travel packages going to Europe and the United States should intend to sponsor my blog. I’d be more than happy enough knowing that I earn from blog sponsorship and at the same time blogging about the things I want to share and write causing both parties to get a win-win situation. So, to all advertisers out there, be counted and be among SocialSpark’s famous advertisers.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

A Night of Fun and Laughter

I have promised from my previous post that I'm gonna be posting our recent pictures taken from a Thursday gathering of a friend who just left for Ireland yesterday and another friend who will soon be hitting another country she doesn't want me to mention (lol!). However, due to time constraints, our friend who happened to responsibly capture those moments, hasn't been able to upload them yet (and we're still patiently waiting). Instead, I found these pics from a photo gallery of another friend and I just thought of posting them here.

Oh! Drinking session huh? And here's another one:

Obvious, right?But hey, we're not drunkards, lol! It was actually a social gathering participated by all girlfriends of the party-throwers. Some of them were just red wines (and am loving its taste!). Now, take a peek of how we looked like during those times:

See? We still looked fresh, hehe. I really enjoyed the moment spent with friends. Indeed, it was an evening of fun and laughter with friends I rarely see but often missed!

Food+Red Wines+Videoke+Wonderful People= A Night Worthy To Be Treasured. :)

Thanks Lai for uploading these pics... :)

DeathNote Soon In Theaters


Here’s to all supernatural movie buffs out there! DeathNote will be hitting selected theaters on May 20th and the 21st. This supernatural action-mystery manga reflects a story of an ace student, Light Yagami, who gets hold of the Death Note dropped by the death god, Ryuk. It is being noted that every name appearing on the Death Note will perish. To get rid of the evil forces in the world, Light Yagami has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to track down these evil doers. Hmmm, sounds like a very interesting movie, isn’t it? If I were to be a supernatural being, I would love to be Light Yagami’s spy who can invisibly track down these evil doers. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and become the first to see it in theaters!

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

18 May 2008

Getting Into Music: Hereditary Or Not?

I am not a good singer but I'm really into music. It must be in the genes why I'm into it 101%. I was brought into awareness that my mom's been hooked up into singing all her life. Apart from being a former college music teacher, she's not really a professional musician but she got her share of countless musical sessions at home or in school, where most of her life had been shared. My constant exposure to her singing and loving music has been a great influence in my life. As young as a preschooler, I can't forget how my mom liked the way I first sang Karen Carpenter's "Yesterday Once More". Aside from me, my sister's into music too! She even landed 3rd on a musical competition when she was in Kindergarten with "The Greatest Love Of All" as her singing piece. My brother also has his own set of musical tapes back when those were still famous and mind you, he sings well too. Even my dad also has become fond of singing especially in videokes. Except for my dad, we can all play the guitar (and am the most trying hard guitar player in the family). My mom also plays the piano which is where I'm frustrated at. With the family's constant love for music, I am proud to say that sharing the same kind of interest gives us the pleasure we deserve and is our way of fostering the bond between us. Oh well, it must be in the genes really (lol!) cos my 8-year old niece can actually sing with us in our videoke sessions and can well sing Little Mermaid's "Part Of That World" piece leaving her Mommy and Daddy speechless. :)

17 May 2008

Love and Inspiration Songs!

I have long been wanting to hear Kris Aquino's compilation of songs. Thank God, I came across a certain website that housed her compilation albums. Too glad to have hooked on this one. Am sharing it now in my blog so readers could get to hear them. So soothing songs, really!:) I just love listening to them!:)

16 May 2008


The title best explains how I am feeling today!:) I may not have grabbed opps as of now cos they're turning to gray as quickly as the wind, but still am happy! I just loved the bonding moments spent with friends last night leaving me voiceless,hehe! More kwento when pics will be made available..:)

15 May 2008

No Silly Jokes Please!

I was quite pissed off yesterday because of the news that has been spreading through text messages that an earthquake will happen in the country the night of May 14. Allegedly, it was relayed that the news came from US Geological Society. Duh! Told my colleagues how can an earthquake be predicted. I even watched the news on TV and have surfed online but I never found such issue. And if it's being predicted, how come PhiVolcs has become silent bout it? They're the proper authorities to inform the public. I was a bit enlightened when I got a message from my mom informing me that the spreading news were not true as reported by ABS-CBNs TV Patrol. Ang sa akin lang, it's not a good joke! No more silly jokes please! It's GOD who knew everything.

What's up World?

Note: above shows a wrecked building when earthquake struck China; 2nd pic shows the fallen branches of a tree when cyclone hit Myanmar

I was never aware with what's happening to the world not until I set my very eyes lately on international news channels like CNN and BBC with their freshest breaking news for its viewers. It is sad to note that our fellowmen suffers from the aftermath of the natural calamities that hit them. There's that violent cyclone leaving the lives of the Myanmar countrymen miserable. A lot of people died and left thousands of people homeless now wanting food and shelter. Shortly days after the Myanmar incident, a very horrifying news struck the world again about the disastrous 7.6 magnitude earthquake hitting China which took away the many lives of the people. As of the moment, bodies being trapped on buildings are still being recovered. The devastating cyclone hitting Myanmar and the killer earthquake that struck China will forever be embedded in the hearts of those who became a part of it. Yes, so sad to have these calamities happening but there's nothing we can do about it. They're natural calamities and some are even unpredictable. Challenge now here is to really take good care of Mother Nature and to keep our FAITH in GOD burning cos I believe that MIRACLES can happen with the power of prayer.

Note: pics courtesy of BBC and Yahoo News

How Are You Feeling Today?

Tagged by Liza. :)


1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

*1. Sleepy (still!) -> slept early dawn this morning and was awakened by a loud music here in the house
*2. Hungry -> haven't eaten breakfast yet cos I am still contemplating whether to eat or not to. Breakfast meal by the way is too acidic for me with lots of vinegar in it. My stomach won't surely like it.
*3. Tired -> it's like am needing a body massage now!
*4. Excited -> be meeting friends tonight. It's gonna be "despedida" party of a friend who's leaving for Ireland this Sunday
*5. Happy -> got no work today, just for today though..:)
*6. Sick - it must be my eyes that's giving me intermittent headaches with bouts of nausea. Be resting my eyes in a while

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Am tagging Sheng, Anne, and Raine.

14 May 2008


Haven't updated my blog the past few days. Haven't even shop for online opportunities neither. But am trying now,lol!:) The past few days were like tiring. My work sked has been revised (again!). Got no choice but to report for work when I need to. Last Monday, I was tasked to report on a pm shift to a different workstation which I was really unfamiliar of. I was like having my jittery moments cos I exactly don't know the protocols there. Thank God, I got wonderful people to keep me company. That was only for 8 hours though and I was even more glad cos I noticed that the time really did ran fast,lol. Kinda tired after that shift and I rushed home immediately so I could get an ample time to rest for work will start at 7am the next day. Only got a few more hours left to sleep. On Tuesday morning (May 13), I reported for work and it's as if I haven't rested at all. My having some unrest periods for two days explained how I felt last night. With the exhaustion I was feeling, I got a myself a body massage courtesy of our very own "kasamahan" here and off I went to dreamland. :)

10 May 2008

Delicious Tanduay Flavors! :)

I never liked Tanduay Rhum. It's like a single shot can cause me to doze off in an instant. I even hated smelling someone who's into Tanduay. Whenever I wanna get something to drink, I better choose something light. Oh well, things do change though. Just tonight I found something great about Tanduay Rhum and it does change the way I thought it was. My friend's groom has been working with a Tanduay distributor and true enough to support its staff, Tanduay Rhums were made available. I thought it was just a mere Tanduay Rhum (which I found so eww!). What caught my attention were different drink preparations stationed at the back of the reception area, all of which were mixed with Tanduay. Curiosity did hit me that I found myself heading to the Tanduay booth. There, I tried "Pomelo Rhum" which is famous among social drinkers plus another shot of the awesome "Boracay Cafe"(not sure of its spelling). Those were just two shots, all in all, which left me a bit tipsy. Well, its a good feeling to have those shots once in a while. Indeed, very delicious flavors I must say!:)

A Gaze at A Close Friend's Wedding :)

Again, another friend of mine has tied the knot today, May 10, 2008. It's a nice, simple wedding attended by closest family and friends of the couple. Here's a slide show of some of the pics personally taken by me:

Just Blogging...

I feel better now, I mean today. Yesterday wasn't really a good day for my Dad making it a not-so-good day for me too! To ease the hurt I was feeling yesterday, I went out at around 3pm. I accomplished some pending errands like having Mom's Smart Money reloaded. I never complained of the long lines at the payment counter. I went to OLFA for another errand. After having those errands accompished, I easily made up a decision to pamper myself. I went inside this beauty parlor along Ilustre Street, and there I availed their foot spa service, got my toenails done, and had my eyebrows threaded. I spent almost 2 hours inside with at least feeling a little bit more relaxed especially with that foot spa session. It felt good pampering my very own feet! I went out of the parlor past 6pm and headed to a nearby mall to buy a wedding gift for Yong and Chu2x. I never had a hard time choosing which gift to buy. What took me so long was the gift wrapping service I availed. Instead of waiting and just standing right there, I resorted to go window shopping. My eyes have feasted on those discounted sandals and bags. I almost bought one pair of sandals but instantly realized that I may not be able to use them frequently. It was almost 8pm when I got home. I got rested for a while and around 10pm, I left home for work. Well, at least my day wasn't really that bad after all!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!:)

Mom, thanks for everything!:) All of these are solely for you. Love yah much,much!:)

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Mothers Day Comments & Graphics

09 May 2008

I Hate Crying!

Urgh! I hate this feeling! I hate crying cos I easily cry! I hate being such a crybaby! Omg! Just can't help keeping my tears from falling when am feeling soo bad. I recently exchanged not-so-good conversations with my dad whom from the start was mad like hell. I was trying to make things feel lighter but it was a bad timing. What worsens the situation was the fault I did unintentionally. He uttered hurting words I least expect him saying. Well, what can I do?!? God knows how I tried my best to become the daughter he can AT LEAST be proud of!

Filipinos, Cast Your Votes for New 7 Wonders of Nature :)

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Tubbataha Reef in Sulu

The campaign for the New 7 Wonders of Nature is ON! Having been a Filipino and is born and raised in the Philippines, I am very proud that two marvelous Philippine sites are nominated to be in the category. They are the Tubbataha Reef, an atoll coral reef that lies in Sulu Sea and the Chocolate Hills, which is an unusual geological formation found in Bohol, Philippines. For more info about the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign, please click here. Cast your votes now and make our own marvelous spots be counted as among the New 7 Wonders of Nature!

*My acknowledgment goes to http://new7wonders.com for the infos and the pics provided.

Another Wave of Opportunity For Bloggers

Do you still want to monetize more of your blog? Here comes another wave of opportunity from Bloggerwave. This paid-to-blog site is another haven for bloggers who want to make money online. Interested? Simply get an account with them, register your blog(s), and once approved, opportunities would just set in and you get to grab them. It’s that simple, right? Join Bloggerwave now and discover what the site can do for you!

A Battle Between My Dyspepsia and of Getting Fat

I am quite confused with how am dealing with my health right now. I gained almost 4 pounds since last week that's why I am trying to be on a diet now. At times I only eat a little just enough of what my body requires. However, I notice that I easily get hungry. I just can't withstand experiencing those burning sensations in my stomach that's why I eat even in between meals. Contradictory, right? Well, I just can't seem to ignore when my stomach is giving me its bad signal. My stomach is that sensitive too! I was once diagnosed with an irritating dyspepsia and it took me weeks to recover from it. That's the reason why I can't missed eating. And how about my quest to avoid getting fat? I don't know exactly where to set in. Really confusing!

I love Reality TV Shows!

I just love watching television and recently over the years, the television industry has greatly evolved in adapting reality TV shows which I am now fond of watching. I don’t know what exactly are enveloped on those Reality Shows that keep me from loving it. It must have been the real people, portraying their real selves in front of the camera with no shades of pretensions. I just love shows on Reality TV and I’m sure everybody loves it too!

08 May 2008

In A Hurry For Work

I'm in a hurry for work now!:) I've been online since this morning trying to grab opps but it seems like they're quite shying away from me today,lol! Well, it's good I got an opp from SocialSpark. Now,it's eating up a bit of my time. I only got 45 minutes left to prepare for work. So, I'd say bye-bye for now. :) I hope I won't be late this afternoon. Godbless you everyone!:)

I Signed Up For SocialSpark!

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"WHen Love Begins"

Supposedly yesterday, I'd be hitting a beauty parlor to have my toenails done. However, the gloomy look from the sky and the drizzles I noticed prevented me to. Instead, I went home after my purpose had been served @ Smart Communications-Gaisano Mall. When I got home, I readily decided to watch movies online and that's how I got to watch "When Love Begins" on a certain Pinoy Site. Oh how I love Anne Curtis portraying Mitch in the film!:) It resembles my personality in a way,lol!:)

8 Random Facts/Habits About Me :)

Got this tag from Meg. This speaks bout me, my 8 Random Facts/Habits. Enjoy reading and check if you'll be tagged next. :)

Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

******* 8 Random Facts/Habits***********
1. I can be an "instant" friend and can make a total stranger comfortable with me.
2. I was once a "silent-type" but having been exposed to jobs that interacts with people, I became talkative. I can chat of about anything until the wee hours of dawn. But there's one thing I'd like to share,I can't be someone's host to a party cos I knew I am not good at it. :)
3. I love my family and friends so much but mind you, I can be brutally frank to confront them should I learned that something "fishy" is going on.
4. I am so sensitive and "matampuhin".
5. I can forgive someone who has wronged me but I can't forget that marked scar hidden inside.
6. I love singing but not as good as a professional singer. I knew when am out of tune,lol!
7. I wish of having my own family in God's time cos I love kids to take care of.
8. I am working on my top priority these days and GOD knows everything about it. :)

Well, that's what I can give now folks!:)
Now am tagging Sheng, Babette, Liza, Marie Grace, Miah, Shimumsy, and Virgie. :)

07 May 2008

A Tribute To A Friend Who's Getting Married

A dearest friend named Marichu will finally tie the knot this Saturday, May 10, 2008. Lucky would be her groom and soon-to-be husband, Yong2x, cos this friend of mine has the qualities a man is looking for in a wife. In the many years of friendship that we shared, I could say that she's one great person to treasure. She takes good care of her relationship with friends and the most, her family which is her topmost priority. She made sacrifices and look at what she is now, she has become a successful career woman and soon enough she'd be a great wife and a great mother to her children. To you Chu, I wish everything's best for you and Yong2x. You are gearing towards a new chapter in life and sure enough I'd know that you'll be that someone who will nourish your married life to its fullest bloom. Congratulations in advance and I'd always be here for you. Loveyah friend!:)

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I So, So Hate Smoking!

I was introduced to cigarette smokes back when I was a kid. I got to inhale them and I never had an idea of what's into smoking and what might be its effect to smokers and passive smokers later in life. I was just used seeing dad, some other relatives who loved to puff that cigarette. As I grew older, I have witnessed friends and even my brother puffed their own cigars. I was kinda patient then cos well, it's their lifestyle and I guess it's what they can't live without. But now? I am afraid am losing my patience to it. It must be my olfactory nerves that readily send messages to my brain when I get to smell those nicotine-enveloped cigars. I so,so hate smelling it! Sorry really folks when I got to reprimand you for smoking. It's for everybody's sake I am concern of.

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Thank God It's My Rest Day!:)

I was quite restless (again!) the past days. My sleeping routine has been my problem for quite sometime cos I can't get to sleep whenever I came from a graveyard shift. But last night was different. After my singing session last night, I got to bed and I did get a good night sleep. I woke up today feeling great. It's my rest day too!:) Am now taking time to get opportunities online. Hope I can fish some.:)

SocialSpark is LIVE!

Apart from PPP, here comes another IZEA creation that will surely interest our online buddies in the blogosphere. SocialSpark is another great site that gets everyone talking. Aside from becoming a get-paid to blog site that allows members to grab opportunities from the marketplace and get paid from writing posts for them, it has also been a social haven for everyone. With SocialSpark, one member can get in touch with countless members by directly sending them messages straight to their SocialSpark’s mail inbox. Members can also get to add friends who became SocialSpark members and keep them in their friend’s network. Opportunities for members are not solely about writing sponsored posts. In fact, there are also blog sponsorship opportunities and once taken, a display ad from an advertiser appears on your blog the first time someone visits and you get paid. More interestingly, a verified member can also be an advertiser too! With SocialSpark’s Spark feature, have someone advertise your company, your community or even your website and get them reviewed on your site too at no extra cost! Moreover, one’s public profile has a good design page and appears enticing to the public. Take a peek of this profile by clicking here and discover how marvelous the display page is. Oh, well I chose this profile cos its mine and I wanna let you view my public profile. However, since it is just a new site, I noticed that it has been experiencing minimal adjustments that need to be addressed. Say for instance the reservation created for me in a certain opportunity. When I was about to complete the reservation, I noticed my sidebar telling me that I am still waiting for my slot under that opp. Got kinda confused though but well, it doesn't change my perception of SocialSpark cos I managed to grab and complete 4 opps and is awaiting for my payment. Now, are you becoming more interested? SocialSpark is now live and is waiting for you! Create your SocialSpark account now and get to experience a whole lot of fun!

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06 May 2008

I'm Not Yet A Mom :)

Thanks for all the comments posted on my previous post. That was really meant to all of you mommies out there. :) By the way, there are some friends who mistakenly sent me a Mother's Day greeting too! Well, that would surely be applicable in time should I get married just like you guys. Still, I'd like to Thank You for the effort you did in posting those comments. Very well appreciated!:) Again, advance Happy Mom's Day. :)

05 May 2008

Advance Mother's Day Tribute to Blogger Moms

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Mothers Day Graphic Comments

When I started out blogging, I don't have friends here in an instant. I started from scratch without anyone to visit my site. My friends, whom I got into contact and got to see everyday aren't into blogging. Then I really found time to blog hop on the blogosphere, and that's how I found my friends, whom most are already wives and mothers. With the upcoming Mother's Day come May 11,2008, I just wish you more joys and happiness of motherhood. You're unselfish love for your family, for your husbands, for your children, and for whatever career you're into, is really immeasurable. As my tribute to all my blogger friends who turned to be good wives and mothers, this song is for you. So goes my personal THANKS TO YOU too!:)

This tag goes to all the mothers in my blog roll especially: Amy, Anne, Annie, Babette1, Babette2, Genny, Gigi, Joy, Lira, Liza1, Liza2, Marichu, Marie Grace, Marlet, Meg 818, Meg 915, Myrna, Princess1, Princess2, Retchel, Ruby, Sheng, Shimumsy, Virgie, Wena, Yums, and to all the mothers in the blogosphere. :) I am encouraging you to do the same to your fellow mother bloggers. :)

Note: I will come up with another entry for my dearest mom to be published pretty soon :)

Bad Credit Rescue

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04 May 2008

She Has Finally Found Her Better Half!:)

I got a text message from my friend who's in Dagupan City right now and she can't help but shared her joys and happiness about being in love. She's just so overwhelmingly happy to the extent that she cannot help but cry those tears of joy. History background, she never had a boyfriend and she got stories of unreturned love. But this time around, she found someone - someone who treats her so special and is already wanting to be with her and tie the knot. I could say that the guy is really into her cos I was made aware that the guy has never been this happy too! As of this writing, they're not yet officially ON but I knew it's getting there. I am so, so happy for you girl!:) It's time you grab the chance and experience the joys of being in love! :) Don't make his trainings too hard, ok? I will always be supportive of you. Loveyah!:)

Whatta Sked!

I am quite disappointed with my work schedules this month. I was provided with the original May 2008 schedule before the end of April and I have liked it but surprisingly, I was informed that our schedules have been revised by the higher office. Well, my May schedule is like a physical torture to me. I have 7 graveyard shifts with only one off day starting May 15 down to the 29th. I just hope and pray that I may still be having good physical strength and surpass this dilemma regarding my work shifts.

Get Paid To Post

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03 May 2008

What's with Entrecard?

I have been a member of Entrecard since a month ago. I have earned credits from dropping my card to entrecard members in as much as I also earn when someone drops a card on my widget. Hmm, just really don't know how it works. I haven't read the FAQs yet. Can someone enlighten me with it? Any answer would we well-appreciated. :)

Updates and my PR!:)

Just gotten tired lately that I haven't had updates in this site. Well, got tiring days and I guess am still needing rest (again!). Lately, I easily feel tired. My eyes are still strained and still looking forward to that much needed eye check up which I have yet to plan. The past few days were exciting cos my family was here with me in celebrating my birthday and I guess I gained weight (ugh!). Who can resist from eating when there's a whole lot of food served? LOL!:) By the way, just checked my PR lately and at least I got ranked,lol!:) So happy for that. Really got no idea how to get high PRs. Anyone who can tell me how? :) I guess everybody in this blogosphere aims of having a high PR. Anyways, just wanna thank Google for giving me my PR. :)

On Playing and Gambling Online

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02 May 2008

What's up Smorty?

I have responded to an opportunity with Smorty. When it's time for me to submit my post, there seems to be problem downloading the page and it always give me an error page. I was advised to reload the page which left me reloading and reloading all over again. Now, the post has not been submitted and I only got 10 hours left to complete the task. I am afraid I can't resubmit it. I'd be on my way to work in a while now and for sure by the time I get back tonight, my time would be up. *sigh*

On Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car is quite stressful, not to mention the time spent to it. It eats up all your time when you exactly don’t know what and where to buy it. It is just good that there are some companies who directly lead you to what you’ve been wanting for. And this is the promise of BuyYourCar.co.uk, a famous online site to all car lovers and car fanatics out there. This site is into selling cars and part of their mission is to sell used cars. They got a massive database of used cars to choose from, from private sellers and used car dealerships at affordable prices. To search on the used car that you want, simply use the search button, key in the make and model type of the car and it leads you right there. You can also be specific like keying in the color, the price range, and the location of where you prefer to buy the car and once you’re done, a simple search click button directs you to what you’re looking for. BuyYourCar.com also offers the best competitive prices in the market. They also protect clients and would-be buyers from getting scammed. If you’re really into buying second hand cars, then BuyYourCar.com is the best and the right place for you.

To Fellow Bloggers

I have been blessed for invading this blogging world. I found friends whom I haven't seen personally but I knew in their hearts that they're meant to become my friends. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those who visited my blog, commented on some posts, for leaving messages in my chatbox, and most importantly, for giving me your personal birthday greetings. Ajah!:)