12 April 2008

Wanna Exchange Links?

My linker has been down for a few days now. I don't know if it will still be up soon. I gave much effort to link up some friends in this blogosphere (did i say it right? lol!) but now I can't seem to benefit from it. I just signed up with Blogrolling.com and am still on the process of finding friends who were once included in my Bloggers Hall of Fame. Should you be interested, feel free to drop a comment here or just send me a message in my Chatbox. Please bear with me. Promise, I'd be working on it the soonest way I can.

Note: To those who were already added in my previous link line-up, please inform me and do send me your URLs again. So sorry this has happened.


Catherine said...

Is Blogrolling great? I just wonder will my list gone if the system corrupts... Anyway, thanks for your message. Hope you don't miss out my blog link! :)

Catherine said...

Btw, your link still remain in my list. It just been removed to Exchang-Link page.