25 April 2008

A Tragic and A Sad Occurence

I can't believe that this has happened to one of the admirable girls I knew in the institution where I am currently working. She's actually an acquaintance and she used to be a frequent visitor in our ward cos we got common friends. This pretty, young, and brilliant lass now has been hooked to a mechanical ventilator to aid her in breathing and she still hasn't been fully awake since she got admitted in the ICU.

Below is a repost from my other blog and I am sharing this to my friends here in this blog.

"I was awakened by a text message this morning informing me that a certain colleague to where I am currently working is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. She was rushed early morning in the hospital. There are speculations that she must have committed suicide which I think is not confirmed yet. Right now she's having a battle between life and death in a comatose state. We're not really friends but I can't help but feel sad for what has happened. So, so sad day for us who happens to know how great she is as a person." :(

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