06 April 2008

Today's Random Events

--> I did not eat lunch. Was too preoccupied with the things I need to accomplish at work. Guess my stomach was quite disappointed with me. It might have thought that I was welcoming dyspepsia again. No way! It's better late than never. Thank God, I got my share of a slice of sandwich, a chocolate muffin and an orange juice for free!:)

--> Despite the stressing demands of the tasks I need to accomplish, I managed to get through with them. I finished a bit late though but am more than happy that I did my tasks all done. Patience did play a great part in here.

--> I ate Hot Shots @ KFC after work. I deserved such treat!:)

--> Somebody must have been pissed off with me upon my ride home. It was unintentionally done. Whoever you are, my apologies. "Wag ka lang kasi sana magtataray!" :)

--> I was expecting an email. Too glad to know I got an email from the person concerned. ;)

--> After two days, I'm done reading Brian Gorrell's Blog.

--> Currently, am listening to Winamp Radio while making this post.

-->Now, am done. Till my next post :) Be sleeping in a while. Work will be at 10AM tomorrow.


janus said...

maam! pwede mahingi ang site ni brian girrell? and sino ang nagtataray pag uwi mo? hehe

shimumsy said...

just paying you a visit. hope you have a nice day.