01 April 2008

On Becoming an X-ray Technician

Apart from doctors, nurses, and medical technologists, radiologic technicians or x-ray technicians also form part in the medical team. It is their job to conduct imaging procedures and get hold of these state-of-the art technologies such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs which are deem helpful for the purpose of diagnosing a client’s physical health condition. If you have what it takes to become an x-ray technician, then be on the look-out to enroll, earn a satisfying career, and see how one reaps its benefits.


Quiche Lorraine said...

hey there, marie. thanks for dropping by http://yummyhappythoughts.blogspot.com ^_^

anyhow, i am also an x-ray tech. but to gently correct the term, it's actually X-ray TechNOLOGIST. =D

The technician is the one who fixes the x-ray machine when it's in trouble while the X-ray TechNOLOGIST is the one who "operates" the X-ray machine when there are patients. ^_^

Cheers! Drop by ka ulet sa blog ko and I'll link this post of yours.

Marie said...

Thanks for the comment. Either one engages in troubleshooting or in its operations, it still yields the same goal, both plays a crucial role in the medical field which am both proud of. :)