03 April 2008

Just Blogging

Today is Thursday, April 3, 2008. I came home 6 hours ago from my graveyard shift. I was able to sleep for about 3 hours. It was really a much-needed sleep cos I could feel the exhaustion in me. I was awakened during lunch time and that's how I got up and never went back to sleep again. Now, am reading some blogs and trying to find out how some make it in Google's PR. I exactly don't have an idea how they got ranked. Well, whatever will be, will be. :) I would be grateful enough if I'd be reaching a PR of 1 (lol!) and PR 3 would be more than just enough. :) Hmm, I realized I haven't placed much pics in my blog. I seldom do that cos I ain't got no idea how. I am not really a "techy" or a wizard in terms of bluetooth and etc. I just explore when needed. I just thought I might place even those not-so amazing pics. It's just a trial and error for me should they work out or not in this page (lol!). Here are the pics I've taken just recently that features our simple neighborhood inside our subdivision, and also a pic of our "Askal" (Asong Kalye) who's trying to play with me while I took the pic.

This is a pic taken this gloomy afternoon outside of our house. Good thing, trash aren't found in here (lol!).

This is a pic of our pet "Askal" that serves as our security guard cos it stays at the gate most of the time. I was told this dog is pregnant but it's not quite obvious in this shot.

These are just two of the pics I took this afternoon. Well, this is what boredom could do. Be sleeping in a little while cos I'd be on a graveyard shift again tonight. Thanks for reading. :)


Catherine said...

it took me 6 months of blogging just to get PR1.... so? Pls don't give up. I heard Google will only update the PR average once per 3 months, but nobody can tell when is the exact time. I was previously do some researching like yours and understand how we urge our PR can move up. Anyway, be enjoy blogging still!

Babette said...

Hi Marie, I for one do not bother with the PR thing, it's just something we don't have any control over. If I get a PR then maybe I'll send Google a Thank You card. LOL I don't want stress so I try not to think about it. :)

Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...

Marie said...

Catherine: Thanks for taking time to read my post. of course, i'd still be making new posts of about anything that interests me. kahit na alang PR, ok pa rin..:)

Babette: Hey,thanks for making a comment. I missed hearing from u. Yeah, we don't have any control over that PR thing..Let's just keep on posting as long as we're happy doin it..:)