09 April 2008

I want a Real, Fresh Air

I wanna breathe a clean air. This is the very main reason why I shy away from pollution. I don't stay longer when there are cars around and most often, I stay away from people who are into cigarette smoking. Too bad, my brother smokes too often and my dad is also into it but is now trying to get away from it. Just can't understand why people loves to smoke. What really can nicotine do to the body? I just pity myself at times cos am a passive smoker now. I got to inhale those myself and there's no way I could get rid of it, only if the people here in the house would STOP and QUIT smoking. My electrocardiogram tracing last quarter of last year revealed an impression of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy but is needing other diagnostics for correlation. Now I wanted to submit myself for 2D-Echo which is yet unrealizable. Bro, p-le-a-s-e? Can you stop smoking? It's never too late to quit.

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Babette said...

Second hand smoke is as deadly as smoking. :( Maybe you should start wearing a mask around the house. LOL
Sis, sorry ha, I didn't know you weren't in my blog list on my cooking blog. I added u already. Kindly update my URL to http://kusineraUSA.babettesblog.com

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