12 April 2008

I am Happy despite being tired :)

I feel so tired and exhausted! Supposedly, I'd be out with friends but I prefer to just rest. Besides, it's worth staying to be able to save money. Well, am just feeling tired. Graveyard shifts could really drive me restless. I was able to sleep though for like a few hours. On the lighter side, I am happy now cos I've been informed bout the latest updates concerning my anticipated career in the land of milk and honey. Hope and pray that this will gonna be IT, that everything will be in its place until the realization of that dream. I'm sure that what has been happening now are all part of God's plan for me. Now I realized I don't need to hurry things up. I don't need to ask God to make things happen so quick. Everything that has been happening to me are perfectly part of HIS plan and those did happen in God's time. All of these has made me hold my grip tighter to HIM and I know with HIM, everything is way possible. :)

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