09 April 2008

A Busy Yet a Fulfilled Day

I got a very long day yesterday leaving me too drowsy that I forgot to turn the TV off prior to sleeping (well, it went on until 5am this morning). I was just tired yesterday. I was doing some groceries in the supermarket the whole of AM and I was also running some errands which involved moments of waiting. I only got a 30-minute rest then headed for work before 3pm. I was more than busy at work. My feet, hands, mouth, and my mind were too busy engaged at work for the whole 8-hours. I even extended for up to almost 2 hours just to finish everything. Thank God, I survived the day. It really pays enough to be patient no matter how "kulit" the people would get and to take each task at work one at a time to get rid of confusions. At least I got a good feeling when I retired to sleep last night.

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