12 March 2008

The Week That Was

These are the things that happened the fast few days in random order:

** Beth, a friend of mine from Dagupan made it in the NCBON-NCLEX!:) Yehey!:) Am so happy for my sis (been calling her sis) cos at long last all her efforts were greatly rewarded. Can't wait to see you and the group doing some bonding sessions.

** I did something horrible. That's it.

** I was out one night with Lalai and bf Jason, and Roy, another close friend of ours. We just had some coffee after a very tiring work.

** I suffered from an irritating diarrhea for two days with 2-3 episodes per day. Thanks to Imodium for the relieft but now am afraid of getting constipated. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

** I accomplished tasks like paying credit card bills and bought grocery stuffs for this week's consumption.

** I got intermittent chestpains (again!). Had my ECG done but still need to have it read by the doctor.

** I was able to spend some time sleeping for many hours. :)

** and my latest craving? Rest and Relaxation.

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