14 March 2008

Wanna Blog For Money?

Nowadays, blog advertising has become the most common trend on how to make money online. Get paid to blog sites are on the rise and bloggers also increased in numbers. As a blogger myself, I have searched on get paid to blog sites that allows me to vent my opinions and get paid for blogging. That’s how I came across Smorty, one of the most popular get paid to blog sites. Smorty is a haven of advertisers and bloggers bringing them together to achieve a common goal in blog advertising. Advertisers can choose bloggers to write opinions about their site and bloggers on the other hand can be paid for doing so. For bloggers like me, it’s so easy to join Smorty. Sign up with them, register your blog and once approved, you can readily begin to blog for money. Payments are sent through Paypal on a weekly basis. For more information bout Smorty, you can access their site here. What are you waiting for? Sign up with Smorty now!

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