29 March 2008

Random Thoughts: 3/29

-> I am happy for my soul sister, Beth (yehey!). At long last, he got someone who treats him in a very special way (woohoo!). I am just wondering what keeps her from saying YES instantly to him. Sagutin na kasi, hehehe ;)

-> I'd supposedly like to send Lessie a message telling here if we could meet dahil ilang beses na naudlot ang supposedly pagkikita namin. Haven't claimed my "pasalubong" yet at isang buwan na ata sya nakarating since she arrived from the US. :) Well I wish she still has one for me. Ah! Kahit na wala as long as we can chat like those good old days. :)

-> I am happy that I am very much welcome into this blogging world. Thanks bloggers for visiting my site and of course for leaving your messages in my chatbox.

-> Quite feel sad why I got just a few opps from paid-to-blog sites :(

-> I ate green mangoes when I arrived home today. First, those were dipped in salt mixed with powdered "sili" but unfortunately, the taste was sort of biting me too hard! I switched into dipping those mangoes with soy sauce mixed with brown sugar. Yummy!:) Just hope my stomach won't be complaining a little while later.

-> I drank 3 glasses of water every 5 minutes times 3 doses. Imagine! Plenty of water in my stomach. It's good that I got to pee and urinate them all after an hour.

-> Hmm, I am feeling comfortable (again!) with a total stranger. I am not sharing some personal infos yet but we've viewed each other's pic already. Hope we don't end up arguing and losing each other.

-> More on a serious matter, I'm praying hard for my friends Love2x and Ti-anne -they will be taking the NCLEX this summer. My prayers are with you guys!

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