29 March 2008

A Rainy Saturday

I started my day right. Though it was raining hard since last night, I still managed to wake up early and prepare myself to work. It was freezing cold though but still dared to take an early morning bath. Ate my breakfast right after taking a bath, fixed myself then hit the road on my way to work. Of course I wasn't late. Thanks for the cab which was made available for me when I got into our main street. Luckily, I was 15 minutes early for work. Well, work went on smoothly except that there's this one watcher who seemed to bugged me repeatedly. Thank God for shedding me more patience that I didn't get to include myself in her conversation with another fellow watcher which tackled bout comparing the services offered between government and private hospitals (by the way, I am working in a government tertiary hospital). Some comments did stab me deep inside but am still holding unto it and kept silent instead. I ended up my work smoothly and hurried home right way since heavy rains are still occurring. When I got home, we ate loads of green mangoes. Yummy!:) I was really craving for them that's why it really felt good after eating them. Now? am chatting with my cousin online, who's on the process of installing softwares in his PC. I am also chatting at the same time with a guy whom I just knew last, last week and I hope friendship will bloom between us.

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