01 March 2008

One of Davao's Best :)

This is a view of the fountain found @ Davao's People's Park. I took this shot by myself. Too bad, the swans weren't that visible but the view itself is really amazing. :)


Babette said...

We used to live in Davao city when I was 4-6. I went to school at Stella Maris, they taught Chinese/English. My parents always brought us to that park by the water, tapos bili kami ng fresh durian and inihaw na mais. :) I want to go back there and visit, I'm sure malaki na pinagbago ng Pearl farm.

Marie said...

Yah,dami talaga parks dito sa Davao. People's Park by the way is a new park which was opened late last year. It was the former PTA Grounds if you could remember it and it was developed into a new park called the PEople's Park. Pearl Farm? hmmm..nice place to be in but ive never been there..id longed to visit it dati pa kaso medyo may kamahalan,hehehe..:)