07 March 2008

On Changing Templates

I am just new in this blogging venture that's why I opted to choose the templates found @ Blogspot. However, I find some pages with wonderful templates and that's how I became interested in changing mine. Hmm, sounds like a tedious work to do. I tried experimenting on some and even downloaded a few interesting templates but they're not working on my site. Perhaps I just need to explore more or seek help from someone who knows how to make it work. Poor me. Can't make it on my own. Gotta be trying more. Hope am not just gonna ruin my site. Can anybody help? :)

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I did change my background once... I understand, girls always like to change for something new and nice. Keep going! :) Btw, I have tag u with a Friends Forever Award. Would like to take a visit? Forever Friends Award... hope you like it!