24 March 2008

Not-So-Busy But A Tiring Day

Right after my Holy Week breaks, I resumed for work yesterday, Easter Sunday. Yeah, you've read it right, I was at work yesterday on an Easter Sunday and take note, I was working for 16 hours straight. I just gave in to a friend's request that's why I got to work for lengthy hours. Wasn't bad enough cos I still got to relax myself at work. I mean, it wasn't a busy day and I got my tasks accomplished earlier than expected. What made me too tired was waiting for the time till I completely finish those required hours considering the fact that I have spent most of my time in there. I felt like I have gotten those hospital smells in my system. Upon logging off from work, it was like a sigh of relief knowing that I've made work possible for 16 hours, hehehe. :)

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