28 March 2008

My Niece, My Buddy, My Precious One :)

Ops! I forgot to say something bout my niece. My niece, Jepsy is the only niece I got in this world by blood since she's my brother's daughter. She instantly became my favorite the moment she was delivered. How I loved this kid until now! Can't really forget the time when I became her nanny. Wouldn't mind wiping her legs and butt even when there's poopoo all over. Can't also forget the moment when I used to send her to and from school and also those moments when I made her props for their play plus becoming her make-up artist back when she took part in school activities. Tiring but it seemed to pave away cos of the care and I love I have for her. Well, she loves me too!:) And that's the most important thing in it. We're like buddies whenever we go to malls, eat out, and even to the movies. Recently, she's very proud of her achievements. She placed 2nd in their class and even bagged some awards during their Recognition Day. Whew, I'm so-so proud of her really!:) I just hope and pray that she'd be giving much more attention in her studies, making us even prouder of her and eventually wishing that she'd reach her dreams in life. I will always be around for her no matter what. I just loved this kid so much!:)

(Note: Supposedly, I'd be posting a pic but too bad, my pc device here isn't accessible..Grrr! I'd try my luck next time.)

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