26 March 2008

My Long Lost Friend is Back! :)

I hurriedly went to the work station yesterday with Rafael, a co-worker who's assigned in a nearby ward, when I bumped into a familiar face in her preggy figure with her mother. I got surprised! I couldn't believed that I saw her for the first time in more than 5 years of not seeing each other. I immediately headed to where she was and even forget that Rafael was with me. I gladly hugged and made "beso2x" with her. We both knew how much we missed each other cos she's been my childhood friend since our Kindergarten years. We could have talked longer if time permitted us to but since I got to work and her, having to facilitate everything for her Caesarian Section delivery on that same night, we parted ways. BUT we promise that we'll gonna see each other pretty soon. Such a wonderful feeling to have seen a friend whom I've rarely seen but frequently missed. She's still the same and hasn't changed except that she got a bulging tummy cos she's pregnant. Hmm, can't wait to spend chit-chats with her pretty soon. :)

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