28 March 2008

Mom's Birthday

Last March 26, Mom celebrated her 62nd Birthday with us here in Davao City. She, together with Dad, arrived on the 25th prior to her big day. Her birthday was celebrated in a practical way cos she didn't want to make her celebration costly. She only wished to have it celebrated with us, her kids and Dad, plus with our favorite kid who happens to be my niece. Since I went home midnight of March 26, I first greeted her with a kiss with matching "kwento2x" as to how my work went that night. I didn't want to make her wide awake on the dawn of her day that's why I slipped myself inside the room and fell asleep. It was already time for breakfast when I woke up. It's good to be eating breakfast with the whole family around. I spent the day at home and even had our "singing sessions" again at Singsnap, a popular website for those who loves singing. A few hours before dinner, Mom did the cooking. She cooked Filipino dishes for us. Those did satisfy my stomach. Well, it felt really good to have spent time with my family.

My Birthday Wish for MOM?
I wish and hope that she'd stay happy and healthy always!:)


-> It was raining hard on the evening of March 26. Supposedly, I'd like to have a few hours of rest before my 11pm shift duty but sadly, I need to report early so I could get a ride for work. I ended up wearing casual jeans and shirt upon reporting for work but got to change them the moment I arrived.

-> The former househelper finally got evicted! I pity her but it's better that way cos she didn't remain truthful to her tasks. Now she's got to say "bye-bye" to her skip-class escapades. She has been replaced now and I think her replacement is far more better than her. Well, I'd say that the evicted one was the worst of them all.

-> It's raining for two days now to where I am situated. It's not really a heavy one but it's pouring continuously and it surely can make everyone wet. The rains have made me liked the idea of just staying home and curled myself under my blankets while watching TV.

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