12 March 2008

It's My Restday Again

Just finished my graveyard shifts for the week. Sounds great, right? Yes! Really am happy cos now am having my off days, meaning I won't be reporting for work for 3 days. Yehey!:) My off days really mean a lot to me cos it gives me time to recharge myself after a tiring week @ work. So what am gonna do? Guess I'd be staying home most of the time. I'd like to rekindle those moments of just being home watching TV, surfing the net or singing my heart out in videokes even when am alone,lol. I'd be spending also sometime in sleeping. How I missed sleeping for hours!:) I love giving time for myself. If I feel like going out, I have friends with me to keep me company too!:) Ops, I forgot. Be running errands for Mom but it won't be taking much of my time. Well, am just blurting these things out cos am just happy that I've been given this chance to have this much awaited rest and relaxation which I deemed wanted for so long. :) Pasensya na, am just happy!:)

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