02 March 2008

Internet: Is it A Boon Or Bane?What do you think?

(This post is my actual writing composition during our dry-run practice exam for an International English Test which took place in 2006)

The world we live in has evolved from a glorious past to the modern-day era. Changes are taking place from the way people think and behave and the evolution of technology is never an exception. Thus, the emergence of computers and the Internet, which is undeniably becoming a great part in man's existence today.

Technology is very much beneficial to man. In this fast-paced world, the usage of technology can make peoples' lives always on the go. Communication for instance can be very accessible in the form of electronic mails and internet chats. With these types of technology, one can get access right away to any significant other around the world if both are hooked to the Internet. Apart from the accessibility in communication, web surfing on interesting and informative concepts is also very appealing. One should never bother spending lengthy hours inside the library to get a grasp of a particular concept. Instead, people who seek for information could easily slip in to Internet cafes or grab a chair at home and conveniently sit in front of an internet-hooked computer and do online surfing and researching.

However, there are some people who do not keep themselves abreast with the evolution of technology. To them, getting hooked to this kind of stuff can lessen interactions with humans and can lead to social isolation. Personal relationships can also be altered because of the absence of human interactions. Some may find it boring especially if one is pouring much concentration on surfing or chatting. Worst thing is, it could give them health risks due to body immobility. To these people, technology do not seem to give them happiness.

Personally, getting connected to the latest technology has helped me in my everyday life. It gives me updates about the world and it also allows me to keep in touch with friends near and far. However, happiness is just a state of mind. Keeping abreast with technology makes me happy and at the same time the presence of people around me also constitutes to my happiness. If I am surfing the net and a closest kin tends to get my attention, I wouldn't mind turning off the computer. It's just a matter of how one defines happiness.

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