21 March 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Since my blog came into existence sometime in January 2008, I became so eager of joining PayPerPost, a famous paid to blog site. Because of my excitement to become a part of it, I signed up right away but was rejected because my blog hasn’t reached the 3-month old minimum requirement. I wasn’t disappointed though because I knew I’d be signing up again once I qualify. And it really did! After how many weeks of waiting, finally I got my blog approved! Thanks PayPerPost for the approval! So what’s really the fuzz why I wanna be a part of PayPerPost? According to a very influential friend of mine Janus, who’s also into earning money online, this site awesomely gives the best rewards should one become an approved blogger. A blogger here, who’s also termed as a postie, is offered varied opportunities to choose from. Should they get qualified, posties can write what they want to write in relation to the chosen opportunity from an advertiser or simply write blog reviews. Once submitted posts and reviews have been approved, bloggers can get paid through PayPal. This is totally awesome, right? Hmmm, I can’t wait to respond to opportunities meant for me and earn money just by blogging. Now am thinking how I’m gonna spend my money should I be getting any pay from PPP.

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