14 March 2008

Have You Been Lonely?

Sometimes, loneliness is inevitable. At the end of every laugh, cheers, and smiles, you find yourself in your room staring blankly in one corner with overloading thoughts inside your head. Despite all the happiness that embraces life, there’s still that single piece of loneliness trying to linger in one corner of your mind. Just as you retire on bed to sleep, you finally find yourself immersed on that lonely thought until tears slowly come out from your eyes. You tend to reflect why this has happened, you tend to squeeze every reason to it but because of a tiring feeling, you never found the answers and right there you drift into a deep sleep. The moment you wake up, the lonely feeling has been overshadowed with thoughts on how you gonna make your day right. Mind has become filled with thoughts of how you gonna go about with the day without ever looking back on the lonely thought that engulfs yourself that night. Until one of those nights, you again found yourself sharing the same stupid feeling that previously happened. Ah, loneliness. It’s hitting you again. But swear, it makes one fully human. Who else doesn’t have its own share of it?

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Babette said...

I've been through those emotions before I was married, usually in-between bf's. :) It's just that there are things that are best shared with a loved one, it's not the same as sharing it with friends. Anyway, basta ganon na nga. LOL

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