16 March 2008

A Happy Palm Sunday For Me

Today is Palm Sunday. As of this writing, I got today's tasks accomplished even if my morning didn't start out just right. Though I woke up quite early @ 5:30AM cos I retired to sleep early last night, there were still unexpected things that must have ruined my mood should I become too impatient. For one, I didn't get an early ride for work even if I left the house 40 minutes prior to my work time. Second, I was caught in a traffic of people who just went out of mass in a nearby church. Third, I had hard time looking for my DTR card that's why I punched a minute before 7:00AM ('almost got late). Thank God! 'Got loads of patience today which I certainly thought was the reason why it wasn't a bad day for me. Despite everything, I still smiled, sang, and cheered up everybody @ work. I even thought I was becoming too noisy or too loud (lol). AM glad I got a smooth-sailing duty. After work, I opted to hear mass. 'Heard mass @ Redemptorist Church and got those palm creations/stuffs blessed. By the way, today is also the highlight of the 71st Araw ng Dabaw week-long celebration. Haven't witnessed any memorable events this year cos I got to work on these days and besides, I am certain that a lot failed to watch the TV coverage of the parade done in the city cos everyone else was hooked to Manny Pacquiao's fight at Las Vegas. Well, whatever it is that made my day, I am pretty sure a lot has also been sharing the same happiness I am feeling today. :)

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