12 March 2008

Admission to An Honest Mistake

I always keep on hearing that line saying that Nobody Else Is Perfect In This World. Indeed, we're born imperfects and the world itself is not perfect in its truest sense. However, sane and rational people makes living worth the while. Despite of worldly and human imperfections, at least they live life closest to one. Somehow, mistakes are just inevitable and they're just around the corner.Once you get into it, you're held responsible over it. And I was never an exemption. Last week, I made a horrible mistake. It was hard for me at first to accept that I caused such fault cos I carefully examined everything before doing the act, but again as what I've said, I was trapped. Later did I realize that I overly analyzed everything. But swear, it was an honest mistake. After admitting to it, I just prayed fervently that it's not gonna cos chaos or ruin my life. Thank God I was saved and it's gonna be a LEARNING experience that I'd keep for the rest of my LIFE.

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Catherine said...

Oh Marie, you sound very mature! Yes, God will always help us if we confess or admit our mistake. I was once talked about Decesion vs Responsibility in my post... If you like to read it and give some opinion, you are warmly welcome!