13 February 2008

Valentines Day ;)

A few hours from now (here in my country), it's gonna be Valentines Day already, hehehe. So what's the buzz? Nothing. Am just laughing at myself cos when the rest of the world especially those lovers out there who seems to be panicky and excited about that so-called Heart's Day, here I am just planning to let that day pass just like any ordinary day. Really, I do not celebrate Valentines Day cos of that apparent reason that I am single and unattached. Dates? I'd rather not accept dates on Valentines day too (hahaha!). I rather had it spent prior or after that day. So what will I be doing tomorrow which is Valentines Day?Certainly, I'd be sleeping. I knew I'd be sleepless tonight cos I'll be at work. And if am not working? Perhaps, I'd be with my girl friends and do our girl's night out every Valentines Day. How about you? How will you celebrate Valentines Day?:)

1 comment:

bhe said...

Hmmm..like you sis it would just be a simple day for me..lol..Dateless..lol