05 February 2008

Reunited with my own dose of Caffeines

I have been a coffee addict since the time I realized that it really tastes good when it becomes a part of your early breakfasts. So much addiction to it occurred as coffee shops became popular. I was among those coffee addicts who loitered along coffee shops doing chit-chats over a cup of coffee until the wee hours of dawn. I got so engrossed to it that every time I get to meet a friend, it should take place in a coffee shop. However in the middle of 2007, I totally quit taking my dose of caffeines. Anxiety episodes did hit me so hard leaving me nervous, tachycardic plus I got palpitations. I submitted myself to series of ECGs and blood chemistry tests and there I was on the borderline of becoming hypokalemic- meaning, the amount of potassium circulating in my body was almost below normal. I corrected such electrolyte imbalance myself by indulging in a potassium-rich diet. Within the last few months of 2007, I never had anxiety attacks anymore. Just this January 2008, I tried this one sachet of Nescafe and yet still feeling okay with no shades of nervousness anymore. That one Nescafe sachet was followed by countless Nescafe sachets and that's how I became reunited with caffeines again. I am now enjoying my every cup of coffee, savoring its marvelous tastes and blends. :)

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