15 February 2008

A Rant of a Sleepless Soul

I hate graveyard shifts. It is not the work or the responsibilities attached to it that makes me hate it but it's about my sleeping pattern being disrupted. I am a day person and at night I wanna sleep but with this kind of shift at work, I seem to have troubles sleeping on a broad daylight. It always leave me sleepless, tired and irritated. I am more than thankful enough if I get to sleep for a maximum of 4 hours. I really envy those who can manage to get long hours of sleep on a daytime. How I really wish to have a quiet and a dimly-lit room with thick,huge curtains in dark colors that hang on my room windows so as to suit my sleeping needs. But what can I do? It won't ever be realizable cos I am living in a not-so noisy neighborhood and every noise people make has a lot to do with my sleep being disturbed and disrupted. I am still having my patience though.

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