04 February 2008

On Online Blogging

When I was still in High School, I used to keep diaries or journals. Anything I need to write or say, they were all kept inside my journals. Too bad! They got lost in my closet, with all my other school notebooks, since I stayed in the city when I got into college. With the existence of Friendster (am not promoting this site, lol!) in mid of 2000s (sometime in 2004 and until now), I got hooked to their blog link which I became a part of. My blogs there were updated from time to time depending on my mood to write (lol!) and it actually generated plenty of posts as the years went by. With my desire to really get an account from a famous blog site (such as Blogger.com), I made this account. From then on and up to now, I never got tired of blogging. I don't mind being misunderstood, I don't mind being criticized for my grammars (lol!) cos all I care about is to make blogs, to make blogs and to add more blogs (lol!). I hope I make sense or simply be understood with my every blog entry. :)

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