11 February 2008

On Being Anxious. Again?

I am a self-diagnosed Hypochondriac. People closest to me knew about it. My anxiety level is just mild but I always worry when I feel that something different is happening in my body. It's good to be sure of our health that's why I make it a point to submit myself to diagnostic exams. I had enough of them last year (ECGs, Chest xrays, Serum Potassium Level, Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen) and thank God cos I am still healthy though some results indicated my need to change my lifestyle. I didn't give much thought bout some findings though cos I need to combat my anxiety. So-so happy that for the last 3 months of 2007, I did not submit myself for any diagnostic exams. However, I got slight chest pains (again!) last week and everytime I breathed, the pain persisted. I guess it must have been the cold water that I greedily drank causing me a different form of angina (is it the prinzmetal type of angina, doc?). Embarrassing though, I went to the CPS Unit and had myself done with ECG (thanks Ma'am Heide and Sir Butch). Thank God cos the ECG tracing revealed a normal result. :) Hmmm, anxiety is really all inside the mind. Gotta trash those thoughts and kick them out (urgh!). Thanks for reading. :)

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